Terms and Conditions

Abdel Cuci (Umana Cleaning SA0413054-P)

These Terms and Conditions apply to all AbdelCuci customers who make reservations through the Website, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, phone, or email, Customer is deemed to agree to the following terms and conditions;


  1. The minimum charge per booking is RM 100.00 per/session cleaning.
  2. AbdelCuci reserves the right to make an initial quote amendment if the customer’s requirement changes from the original booking.
  3. Price changes that have been agreed upon will be discussed with the customer before the work is completed.
  4. Customers’ premises other than the ground floor of a building without elevators, an additional charge of at least RM20.00 will be charged.
  5. AbdelCuci reserves the right not to proceed if the material to be cleaned or treated is not suitable for cleaning or treatment. We also will not continue to work if water and electricity sources are not available or there is an interruption when work is being carried out by the customer or any other party


  1. Bookings must be made at least 3-5 days before cleaning. Customers will be notified if the booking is successful.
  2. A deposit of RM50 will be charged for each booking and will be deducted from the full amount.
  3. Payment MUST be made the same day after the cleanup session is complete.
  4. Payments can be made in cash or through the online banking system upon completion of the service.
  5. Payment may also be made by check paid to Umana Cleaning upon termination of service. If payment is made by check, the customer is solely responsible for all legal charges resulting from improper checks.
  6. Payment must be made within 20 days of the invoice date upon completion of work. Customers who make late payments are deemed to have incurred additional charges; that is, any amount that represents the cost of collecting the unpaid amount.
  7. Payment made must be in Ringgit Malaysia.


  1. Customers who are dissatisfied with the service should report it within 24 hours after the service is complete. Failure to do so will result in the customer not being able to get any refunds or repairs.
  2. AbdelCuci requires the presence of Customers or representatives during the start and finish of the cleanup in order for quality inspection to take place. If a customer is dissatisfied with the cleaning service during the inspection or reported within 24 hours after the service, AbdelCuci will perform the cleaning of any area depending on the availability of our schedule and staff for free.
  3. AbdelCuci will not receive complaints filed more than 24 hours after the cleanup session.
  4. Complaints received are in writing (mail, email, Whatsapp) or call. Complaints must be reported within the working hours or within 24 hours.
  5. The fragile goods must be moved to a safe place by the Customer. AbdelCuci will not be liable for any loss, should any problems be reported during our stay.
  6. AbdelCuci does not do any restoration work on fabric items, so color recovery is NOT guaranteed. Customers need to understand that the carpet or cushion looks uneven after cleaning due to wear and tear. UV rays will cause the color to fade and the cleaning will not restore the color of the goods. The impact of the strikes may not be visible before the wash because it is protected by dirt and may not be completely removed. Operator AbdelCuci will make every effort to provide the best results but customers are asked to take into account this limitation that is common in all cleaning operations. Laundry products may vary from one customer to another. This depends on the factors affecting the above.
  7. In the event of damage, AbdelCuci will attempt to repair the goods at the customer’s discretion.
  8. AbdelCuci reserves the right not to be responsible for: Delays for cleaning sessions caused by traffic congestion, road accidents, service delays due to damage to washing equipment, inadequate cleaning due to water or power outages, lack of suitable cleaning materials / tools, and third parties which impedes the cleaning process in the customer’s place.


  1. Agree that the customer is not entitled to any refunds.
  2. If the customer is dissatisfied with the service performed, the complaint must be made within 24 hours after the service is completed. AbdelCuci reserves the right to perform any repairs on any item to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, the customer must allow the laundry to be done and must be present during the cleaning process.
  3. AbdelCuci will not do more than one wash.


  1. The Customer reserves the right to cancel the reservation within 24 hours prior to the agreed wash time.
  2. The customer agrees to pay 20% of the quote as a cancellation charge if the cancellation or change date is made within 24 hours of the scheduled time.
  3. Customer agrees to pay 20% of the quote as a cancellation charge in the event of AbdelCuci operator’s case being prohibited from entering the premises; no person on the premises to permit the operator to perform the task; there is no water or power in the customer’s premises or there is a problem with the customer key.
  4. Customers agree to pay RM20.00 if they do not appear within 30 minutes of the agreed time. AbdelCuci reserves the right not to perform any cleaning and rescheduling is subject to the new booking process.
  5. If the deposit has been paid for using the AbdelCuci service, the customer agrees that a minimum of RM20.00 of the deposit may be used to cover the cancellation charge.

AbdelCuci reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

For service fulfilment, please call the customer service hotline at 03-38502335 or email hai@abdelcuci.com to arrange an appointment. While reasonable efforts will be made to meet the request for an appointment, the performance of the service will be subject to operational limitations.