Abdel Cuci

Frequently Asked Question

We specialized in professional fabric deep cleaning service and High Level Disinfection service. We use professional cleaning and disinfection machine. We are recognized by local and international brands.

We have served more than 5000 customers and counting around Klang Valley, Selangor,Negeri Sembilan and Penang.

No, we do not charge for transportation charges as long as you are in our area of coverage.

Our area of cleaning coverage are Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Penang.

If you are out of Abdel’s area of coverage, do not worry. You can each out to us at hai@abdelcuci.com. Our representative will assists you accordingly.

By using deep cleaning technique, dust mites, watermarks, dust and stains can be removed. However, the results from deep cleaning may vary due to the possibilities below:
– the stains on your fabric had not been cleaned for a long time, thus it become permanent stain.
– the fabric had a great damage thus made it impossible to clean it. This fabric need to be refurbished. Abdel did not provide fabric refurbishing services.

Abdel has 24 hours customer satisfaction guarantee policy. If after cleaned by Abdel and you are not satisfied with the results, please inform to our sales person or reach out to us at hai@abdelcuci.com in 24 hours period after the cleaning service. We will repeat the cleaning of your items for free of charge. Abdel will not clean the items if complaints made after 24 hours period.

Rest assured. Your cleaned items are fabric insured thus if there are any damages done to the fabric by Abdel’s team during the cleaning session, please file a report to our salesperson, customer support or email us directly at hai@abdelcuci.com. We will assist you accordingly.